Our process
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Small projects
Comodo is a company that works in interior design, architecture and construction field. We are a team of young and passionate architects and engineers.
We thrive to create great designs, to lead new trends and to bring best solutions as well as services for customers to live in a modern and convenient style. Comodo Casa is always appreciative of our dear customers' support and confidence, which serves as a source of motivation for us to move forward on our chosen path.
In the early phases of project development process, project analyses and feasibility will be conducted by a design professional.
During this phase, the design will be further refined. Arrangements for space, equipment, furnishings, materials, and colors will be taken into consideration.
Documentation production process includes preparation of drawings and specifications required for the construction of the project.
After having all the needed documents and files, execution will be conducted under the supervision of our specialized architects and engineers.